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  • The world is a “very narrow bridge,” the saying goes, but don’t be afraid to cross it into the realm of memories and dreams.
  • To help you along as you enter my realm, and smooth your way as you explore it in depth, here’s a “very simple poem.”

          My Childhood’s Sea

My childhood sustains me in my~~~
adulthood, and here’s why:

When I see a brown summer road,
crossing a field carpeted with green grass,
and bordered by a tall cypress grove;

I imagine a narrow white path trailing
away from it, leading down to a yellow sandy beach, beyond which lies only the wide blue sea.

My journey ends there, on the shore of my childhood’s sea,
where the waves recognize my small footprints;
where the breeze remembers my  innocent smile;
where the realm of my memories and dreams begins.

By Hillel F. Damron. To contact him, click here

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3 responses to “

  1. J Daniel Khazzoom

    Moadeem le Simhha, Hillel.

    I am writing from Israel to tell you that I appreciate your active involvement and your writing of the blog.

    Whether the audience agrees with you or not, the debate that your blog generates is very healthy. It is never bad to keep people thinking. There is a French saying which I remember from my days of childhood in l’Alliance Israelite Uuniverseille: “Du paradox jaillit l’etincelle” It is out of the conflicting ideas and discussions that spark gets to be borne — it is out of the conflict that the light gets to be born.

    Hazak oubaroukh Tih’yai.

    Hag Sameah

  2. Cutenesss

    Absolutely amazing!!

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