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Hillel F. Damron was born in kibbutz Hephzibah in northern Israel to parents who survived the Holocaust. After graduating from high school he worked for a year with inner-city kids in Haifa, then joined the army and became an officer in an elite paratroop unit. He experienced war and was wounded in battle.

After a stint as an Air Marshal on El Al Israeli Airlines in the heydays of airplanes hijacking, he studied the “Art and Technique” of film making at the “London Film School.” His final short film at the school, The Petition, represented the “British Arts Council” as an official entry to the film festival in Tours, France.

Back in Israel, and after paying his dues in many aspects of film production, he wrote and directed documentaries for the Israeli Television, numerous video shorts, and magazines, and directed the feature film, titled Hasamba (The Undercover Kids). For five years, he was the head of the Video Production Department of Israel’s Histadrut.

He wrote film reviews and articles for “Iton 77,” published short stories – one of which received a “Fantasia 2000 Magazine” award – and a Sci-Fi novel: War of the Sexes (Milchemet Haminim); referred to by the American “Science-Fiction Studies” as “the best of all Israeli Sci-Fi literature.” His screenplay, California Lover, was awarded an Honorable Mention in “Writer’s Digest Magazine” writing competition. His short story, The Messiah, was published in “Sambatyon,” a journal of Jewish writing.

He is now an American citizen, as well as an Israeli citizen, and resides permanently in Sacramento, California. He is twice-divorced and has two sons. For three years, he was the Executive Director of the Hillel in UC Davis and Sacramento State. He is the author of the novels Very Narrow Bridge, published September 2011, Unidentified Woman, published August 2012, and Sex War One, published in December 2014. He is the first-place winner of Moment Magazine‘s 2011 Memoir Contest Award.

To contact Hillel F. Damron click here

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