SWO“Fast-moving plot and skillful characterization.”Science Fiction Studies journal

“This book unifies within it the principles of major Science-Fiction literature.”–This World

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Short description of Sex War One

Following a nuclear holocaust, the only survivals of the human race exist in a retro-style, yet technically advanced underground-colony. Males and females live in complete harmony and equality, but traditional marriages and families no longer exist, replaced by communal living with a fixed amount of babies being born periodically in a sophisticated birth-laboratory. Love is dead – or so they assume – substituted by an abundance of unemotional, free-for-all sex.
But then something goes terribly wrong: a different female baby is mistakenly born in the lab, with a different shape and color from the regular, normal children. This catalyst induces two unforeseen, starkly opposing consequences: the return of love and affection on the one hand, and the dictatorial rule of women over men on the other. Ultimately, the oppression of the males leads to a revolt, and eventually to a full-scale war between the sexes, with the survival of the human race again at stake.

‘Sex War One’ was translated and adapted by the author from his award-winning science fiction novel ‘War of the Sexes’, published originally in Hebrew in 1982 by Domino Press, and praised at the time as the “best of all” Israeli Sci-fi literature by the American ‘Science Fiction Studies’ journal. The quotes above were written in praise of the original book.


UW, SWUnidentified Woman—a literary mystery novel about rape, revenge, and redemption—follows a young Mexican girl, Maria Sanchez, who is kidnapped on her way to school one morning. She is enslaved and repeatedly, brutally raped by paying costumers, mostly Americans. But she survives and grows up to become an independent young woman living in Los Angeles. She tracks down all those men who wronged her, exacting a deadly, unusual punishment.

In her footsteps, following the police failure to capture her is a reluctant, amateur private investigator, Gideon Gold: a former commander of an elite Israeli paratroops unit and a Mossad secret agent. His frantic pursuit of her takes unexpected twists and turns, culminating in a dramatic, compelling game of cat-and-mouse that will change both of their lives forever.

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cover image VNB copyVery Narrow Bridge–a literary mystery–is centered on a reclusive Vietnam War hero, a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor–who falls in love with a young woman, unaware that she is his biological daughter. A loner, wounded both in body and in soul, Ray is attracted to Joy because she reminds him so much of the woman who was his high school sweetheart, and who wrote him the fateful “Dear John“ letter to Vietnam that set the wheels of this spellbinding novel in motion.

That woman, Ursula, who dumped Ray during the war (for another man), and never revealed to him that he had fathered a daughter with her, is seeking revenge now. In her way stands a novice private eye, Gideon, a former commander of an elite Israeli paratroops unit and a Mossad secret agent, who’s persistent in search for Ray (on behalf of Joy) enabled the father and daughter union initially. In the end, though, he’s left alone to deal with the shocking, terrible aftermath, bringing to it a measure of justice.

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Hillel F. Damron is the author of the seminal Sci-fi novel, War of the Sexes (Milhemet Ha-Minim—Hebrew Edition, Amazon). You can read the first chapter on the page “Shorts,” titled The Monster.

He is back in force with this new novel, a hybrid of literary fiction and psychological mystery. The result is a Dostoyevskian tale of crime and punishment, combined with a detective story in the Chandler tradition, adding up to a literary family drama full of mystery and mainstream appeal.


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