A couple of essays, a reportage, a couple of short stories, a novel’s chapter, and a poem; samples of my writings, all published previously in print and online, in literary journals, magazines, and a newspaper’s literary supplement.

Calculated Moves — An award-winning short story

The Battle That Never Ended — Fifty years later, a memorial essay

The Third Man and Me — My favorite film, an essay

The Absurd Regions — From the Lebanon War, a reportage

The Messiah — An excerpt from my novel, Very Narrow Bridge

The Monster — An award-winning excerpt from my novel, Sex War One

His Blood — A poem, published in a newspaper’s literary supplement

Below are five of my short stories, not previously published other than here.

A Surprise Visit

You Won’t Believe This

Little Maria

Phantom John

Meet Me in Baghdad at Sundown 


One response to “Shorts

  1. I thought I’d have to read a book for a direvocsy like this!

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