Sex War One: The quest for white supremacy and total equality between the sexes leads a dystopian, ultra-modern society to a full-scale subjugation of males first, then to an all-out war between the sexes, with the survival of the human race at stake. SEX WAR ONE

California Lover is a feature-length drama (previous version: Saint Daniel of L.A.) about a compulsive womanizer, a Hollywood player, who loses his soul to his obsession, only to gain it back after losing everything else. CALIFORNIA LOVER

Teddy Bear: A wheelchair-bound boy is taken under the wing of a lonely trucker, who encourages him to fulfill his dream of becoming a country singer. The boy’s widowed mother objects to that & to the trucker’s romantic advances, but her son has other ideas. (Tender Mercies meets Convoy.) TEDDY_BEAR-1

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