The jaded detective and his young client

My novel, VERY NARROW BRIDGE, is available now for only $2.99 at Amazon Kindle. Please go directly to and check it out. Or go to my literary website — — for further details. Here’s a new excerpt: “The reason for that eluded him. And yet, he was pleased with himself, his breathing getting in tune with hers. For once in his life, so unlike what had happened with Alma last night – and maybe, come to think of it, because of it – he was able to stare down temptation and come out on top. A winner for a change. Even if it was only one battle; even if the war, where the odds were clearly in her favor, was yet to be fought and won. Even if this seductive creature, lying here beside him, was holding him hostage. Preventing him from falling asleep. Forcing him to do some hard thinking, and to realize that the ease with which she had located her birth mother; a stroke of genius on his part, or maybe just pure luck, a one in a million shot, was not necessarily a good sign for the future. He suspected that some complications – latent energy, like the girl asleep now in his arms, so innocently and yet so ominously – may still lie ahead for her, and for him, down the road.”


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