Who’s the “Unidentified Woman?” (Part Four)

This summer, a literary mystery novel like no other—a story of rape, revenge, and redemption—will be published online, available throughout the E-reader Universe (see a short description of the novel by clicking on the “Woman” page above). Be the first to read an excerpt, and have an initial clue on the road to solving the mystery: who is she, the Unidentified Woman, and what’s her story?                     Here’s another short excerpt:

Until he found what he was looking for. And only then did the horrible siren in his head come to a stop as well. In his hand he was holding an old issue of Variety. On the front page there was the beginning of a story, titled “A Final Farewell,” about the funeral services and burial of super agent Sid Bergin. There was a black and white picture underneath the caption, showing the first rows at the Hollywood Temple. Not of the family but of some Hollywood honchos; a who’s who of the town, honoring and mourning one of their own. A friend or a foe. Five of them were identified by name: a movie star, two heads of major studios, Sid’s partner at his talent agency, and the Mayor of Los Angeles. All of them men.

And, seated right behind them—but actually, picture wise, the middle head in a row of heads—a woman. A young, pretty woman. A white scarf covering her dark hair, and a pair of sunglasses obscuring her eyes. A white handkerchief, held up in her black-gloved hand, about to touch her sensuous lips. She was identified underneath the picture only as an “Unidentified Woman.”


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