An Interview With the Author

To celebrate the upcoming publication of my speculative fiction novel, “Sex War One,” and to elaborate on the process of writing the book – what brought it about; the whys and the hows; the process of writing, including the escapades and detours of my life – Smashwords has published an in-depth interview with me. Here’s the link:

As a reminder, the novel will be available December 15th throughout the “Online Universe” in all eBooks and iBooks stores, formats and devices, and is available already for preorders.

The dystopian novel deals with issues such as the abundant of unemotional sex; the spread and acceptance of pornography; the lack of deep, emotional love; the disintegration of traditional families; people living alone more than together; “the end of men,” so to speak, with babies being born (sometimes) more in the lab than in the womb; the bible-old battle of the sexes, to boot.


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