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The Third Man and Me

My piece, a personal reflection — “The Third Man and Me: A Halloween Tradition” — is posted on Moment Magazine Online. Here’s a taste of it: “My love affair with The Third Man began many years ago. It was a sunny, hot summer day in Tel Aviv, and the cool and darkness of the small art-deco cinema theater – I believe it was the Paris Cinema Theater, creaking wooden chairs and all – was too tempting to resist, even if the advertised film was an old black and white film, a British-American collaborative effort. I was a fresh film student then in a small, off-Dizengoff Street private school, taught exclusively by an old, grumpy Jewish émigré professor from Poland. According to the legend percolating in the city’s sidewalk cafés, he had thought Roman Polanski the alphabet of filmmaking, which made a big impression on me. I was all into the “auteur theory” of cinema back then, looking down on anything that did not come from Italian or French directors. Yet something in that film’s title, the premise of the two film stars of Citizen Kane going at it again, and the allure of the beautiful, sad-eyed woman between them in the poster, attracted my attention and curiosity.”

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