Sex War One

SWOSex War One – my dystopian Sci-fi novel – is available for purchase in all eBooks & iBooks stores & devices. “Fast-moving plot and skillful characterization,” said the Science Fiction Studies journal. “This book unifies within it the principles of major Science-Fiction literature,” said This World.
Kindle Edition: Smashwords Edition: (for iTunes, Kobo, B&N & more.) For further details please check my books page.

To give you a taste of the book, I’ve been posting segments of my award-winning short story, “The Monster,” which serves also as the basis for the book. Here then is the eleventh segment:

He placed his hand on her head and combed her sleek dark hair gently with his fingers. She took his other hand and kissed it. After that she closed her eyes and went back to sleep, undisturbed. Her lips were soft and warm – he still felt their pleasant touch – while the lips of the colony’s women were almost always hard and cold.
He sat by her side in the darkness of the shack, smoothing her hair gently. Here was the reason for all his troubles: this peacefully sleeping creature, yet he felt no resentment toward her. It was not her fault. At the same time, the vague plan that had hatched in the recesses of his mind in the Assembly-Hall during the general meeting now moved to the forefront and became clear. It had been born at the moment he realized that, for the first time in his life, he was going to surrender and not fight N.R. anymore. He knew what he had to do. Reassured, he got up and left Z.Z.’s shack. He went out into the large yard and, his steps full of confidence again, disappeared into the narrow underground tunnel.

Everything was ready. S.O. relaxed, lying comfortably in her deep sofa. She felt a pleasant, fatigue-like sensation spreading throughout her body, and knew that it was just a preliminary step: a more invigorating sensation would follow soon. Her room was ready: the bed was arranged and the lights were fixed. S.O. was clean and refreshed after a long shower. She was thinking, first, about the Z.Z. She didn’t find much interest in her, but on the other hand didn’t see any real damage, or danger, in her existence within the colony’s walls. What disturbed her most was the way N.R. chose to act against D.L. There was something unusual, not yet defined, that had happened to N.R. and to those who followed her. It intuitively pushed S.O. to reject them and their initiative.
She was waiting anxiously for D.L. to enter her room. She remembered sexing with him before; the same way she sexed with other men, and women, in the colony: without any emotional connection. It was simply a physical action and interaction: they never slept with each other in the colony; they always slept alone. In D.L. though, she had found something else as of late. Maybe it was his interest in Z.Z. that had caused him to be different. It was possible, S.O. speculated, that had families were still in existence these days, and had colony-citizens were again allowed to get married and bring children to this world together – the way it had used to be back then, in ancient times, before the Great-Nuclear-War, before the eternal peace – it was possible, very much so, that she would have chosen D.L. to be her partner and husband.


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